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(The 2020 Harvest & COVID-19)


We are excited to connect with you again this year for our 2020 season.

But first off,

We’d like to say that we hope you, your loved ones, and community are remaining healthy and positive. 

Events of enormous gravity and change have been unfolding at a breakneck pace. This makes it difficult to sift through all of the information, and new protocols coming at us. 

It is touching every country and all peoples, so it is truly “pan” in scope. 

One of our colleagues sent us a link to the website which outlined the top 10 purported current shortages brought on by the pandemic.

Number 3 on the list? Garlic.

We certainly are receiving surprising demand from all sizes of grocery outlets, and off the street for garlic supply. 

The reports are mixed as to how long the shortfall could continue. 

Please note: there is a limited supply of Clean-seed Music (porcelain) and 1st generation roundels. These are produced through our clean seed partnership program with the Northern Spud Unit and University of Guelph.
If you are interested in Virus and nematode-free Roundels directly from the Lab, please send a request to us for more information.

At August’s Harvest, a new generation of garlic growers, production, and business employees are making their mark!  Reicza (my daughter) has stepped up to the plate taking on the role of General Manager, assisting us in a big way by streamlining administration and day-to-day operations with our office manager, Tamara.  Brendan has joined us in the sales office, bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm when it comes to growing our business. Andrew is our head of production, harvesting + planting, and the results are showing.  Lawrence, Rena & Caitee are working on our Garlic365 Program steadily in the greenhouse, growing green garlic and black garlic year-round. In the packing shed, Bikram, the Susans’, Darlene, and a host of other talented individuals are responsible for getting our garlic to you.
I would also like to give a shout out to Travis Kramner from the University of Guelph, Ron Evans
from IRAP, and my fellow growers Felix, Jeff, Norm, Ian and Nathan – an exceptional group to be
working with!

Thank you very much for your patronage over these 30 + years! Your confidence and re-orders have
allowed us to build this business, which we are so incredibly proud of! We appreciate it!

On Behalf of Team August’s Harvest
& Warren Ham


  • Waitlist and information on this year’s crop
    • This year is looking to be short on supply! The sooner you submit your requests to the waitlist, the more likely we can fulfill your order. Please remember that when you register your order with us this is not confirmation of sale. Confirmation will be in follow up correspondence. 
  • Contact Us
    • Toll-Free: 1 (877) 272-1742
    • Local: 1 (226) 633-5775 (Please note new phone number! You can call or text)
    • Gads Hill, ON
  • Quick Read: How to order your garlic
    1. You can fill out an Order Registration Form one of two ways:
      1. Filling out the Order Registration Form Online
      2. If you are unable to complete method 1, you can register your order over the Phone
    2. Wait for your Order Approval of your order request. Once your order has been confirmed by a member of our staff, we will hold your spot on the waitlist for 4 days. If we do not hear back from you, it is possible you will lose dibs.
    3. Customer Priority listed in order to ship first:
      1. Customers who pay early in full at time of order approval (Immediate Pmt)
      2. Customers who make Down Payment at time of order approval (Pmt in Advance (30% Down)
      3. Customers who pay 7 days prior to shipment of their order
    4. We are aiming to
    5. Shipping is arranged. When order gets out the door, you will receive notification via e-mail if you requested such.
  • Questions, Inquiries & Correspondance
    • We understand that everyone is chomping at the bit for garlic! Please keep in mind that the more time we dedicate to answering phone calls and email inquiries, the less time we have to prepare the orders we’re sending to you. We kindly ask that you try to keep phone calls and emails to a minimum and try using the provided resources and PDFs included in our catalogue page as an alternative before contacting us via phone or email for questions. This being said, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help with something we may have missed!
      Thank you for your patience and cooperation, we really appreciate it 🙂
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  • Descriptions on each variety of Garlic available
  • Descriptions on all other Specialty AHI Products

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Porcelain | Music (4-7 Cloves)

A very cold hardy plant, described as slightly spicy, with a porcelain fructose flavor. Here in “the idea of North” it is the most common, and essentially “The Staple” garlic variety. Easy to grow, it produces between 4 and 7 big-ass easy to peel cloves per bulb. Most years with shiny-white outer sheath and some pink to brown tinged clove skins, depending on the season.

Porcelain | Norquay (4-7 Cloves)

Big Boy – Big Gurrl Garlic, with regards to neck size, plant size and bulb size. 4-7 larger cloves with mostly one in the middle extra. White skin, lighter to a light rose clove wrapper, and the porcelain high fructose flavor profile, with all the winter ready attributes of porcelains. Matches the tune of Music in every way.

Marbled Purple Stripe | Svea (5-8 Cloves)

A contender for best discovery for sure. Strong hot garlic, 5-8 cloves often with lots of red to purple colour on skin and clove wrappers, depending on the winter. Lots of fat cloves like Music and Norquay. The “chunky tuna” of the porcelain world. Thrives in cold climates; a great choice for those in cold  winter areas. Easily produces on par with any porcelain.

Purple Stripe | Jachlo (8-12 Cloves)

Vigorous good sized robust intense purple bulbs, collected in Eastern Europe. Outer skins bursting with purple colour. The wrapped cloves retain the light chocolate – violet colouring of the outer wrappers. Flavour said to be fiery but with a mellow and smooth aftertaste. 8-12 cloves. Ready to rock through winter. Every year we grow a bit more! A contender for best yield.

Rocambole | Legacy (8-12 Cloves)

Generally, it is said to make lips quiver more than other hard necks. The bulb will produce 3-4 larger white skinned clove among the 8-12 on the bulb.
Depending on soil type a reddish brown, to purple brown clove skin underneath. Matures slightly at odds with porcelain, lower to the ground
squatter plant.


  •  Identify approximate equivalents between bulbs, pounds & cloves!

Tricks of the Trade & Wisdom From The Garlic Mavens:

  1. Make sure the cloves are hard and solid. Plant the individual cloves September or early October.
  2. Garlic likes sun and water.
  3. If possible plant in a raised bed of about 4 inches to give the bulb uncompacted soil, and to be above standing water should there be excessive rain.
  4. The cloves should be planted root plate end down, 2 inches deep in well-drained soil, with high organic matter.
  5. Spacing of 5 inches on at least one-foot rows allows adequate sunshine.
  6. Plant in lea of windbreaks or mulch. This lessens winterkill by inhibiting prevailing freezing winds.
  7. One inch of water a week until the scape or flower is harvested, and then no water would be the best scenario. (however, garlic is hearty)
  8. Harvest the scape or flower 10-14 days after it appears and use it to cook, cook, cook!
  9. Harvest bulb when plants leaves have died back by 35%.
    (approx. 3 weeks after scape removal) Bulbs will open if left too long. Dig from ground, hang and cure for at least one-week prior to use.


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Price Details:

  • Hardneck Garlic
  • Elephant Garlic
  • All Other Specialty AHI Products

Currently, our 2020 pricing is not yet available. However you can view our pricing from last year to get a general idea of what you’d like to order this year.

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  • Before Purchasing Our Garlic, Please Read Through The Following Terms Of Purchase And Sale With August’s Harvest Inc.
    • We work hard to be proud of the quality of our garlic and to improve every year. Most of our seed begins with virus and disease-free foundation plants, produced at clean seed labs. While rogueing the field we monitor and test plants that are not doing well, and as well as random samples. We cannot test every bulb as we would have no crop to sell. None of our tests this year have revealed any Nematode presence.
    • There are too many variables in the growing process, beyond our control, so we will not be responsible for the results of garlic grown from our seed.
  1. Upon Receiving Your Order
    1. Please check your shipment immediately
    2. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us within 24-72 hours of receipt
    3. To process a refund, return or credit, your order must be back to us within 10 days
    4. Shipping and handling are non-refundable, at our discretion
    5. All prices are subject to change without notice
    6. Variety and size are subject to availability
  2. * Please Note on Cracked Garlic *
    1. We will not be held liable for cracked garlic once it has left our farm. Any damage or problems related to delayed shipping, temperature changes and weather are beyond our control. Should you have a problem with order being received, we strongly recommend rejecting shipment at time of delivery and taking up issue with the carrier delivering
    2. By purchasing our garlic, you are agreeing to the terms listed above


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