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At 30+ years August’s Harvest has been providing quality produce in bulk, packaged & value added formats to:

  • major food chains
  • independent grocers
  • food service providers
  • ethnic & specialty markets
  • farm gate customers 

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Bringing win-win strategies to the table to ensure quality, constant innovation & vision for all. At the end of the day, moving forward.

 At 30+ years, August’s Harvest is one of Canada’s longest standing & leading commercial garlic growers.

General Questions

August’s Harvest was Canada’s first meristem clean seed program providing virus and pathogen clean, climate appropriate, (Top set) hard neck seed varieties for commercial seed houses, farmers, market gardeners & hobbyists accross North America & Europe. AHI also supplies Garlic Feed Supplements for livestock and racehorses.

To place an order for Fresh Garlic, you can gain access to our Annual Catalogue by clicking here >

Once you’ve gained access, you can reserve your future order right away or you can keep an eye on the price countdown provided which details when our pricing will be released (July).

If you are having trouble with ordering any other Produce, your orders can be directed to us via email or phone as of right now.

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August’s Harvest is an SFCR & GAP Certified Food Operation who continuously adapting & improving practices based on new data, directives & supply chain information.

AHI’s food safety programs ensure frontwards-backwards traceability, optimal storage & facility practices to maintain freshness & taste.

“Garlic365” is a unique program whereby we supply the following products every week of the year:

  • Ontario Green Garlic
  • Ontario Black Garlic
  • Ontario Shelf-Stable Minced & Pureed Garlic

AHI is commited to moving the industry forward in Canada through cooperative research projects with IRAP, The University Of Guelph, Ridgetown Agricultural College, New Liskeard Research Station, The Volcani Agricultural Research in Israel, and machinery manufacturers in Europe. 

In 2014, August’s Harvest was selected to present at the World Garlic Congress in Madrid with regards to growing techniques in Northern climates with the appropriate varietal choices. 

AHI has also partnered with customers to develop guidelines unique to North Garlic varieties for their receiving & QC departments.

During the Winter months we take regular pre-orders for delivery to our customers at the OFT on Tuesdays & Thursdays.


During the Summer & Fall we bring a large variety of our bulk Ontario Garlic, Shallots & Produce for onsite distribution convenience.


Warren Ham grew up on a farm in Eastern Saskatchewan on the Canadian Prairies.
Warren started with an acre of garlic 27 years ago. Over the years Warren has been a part of growing fields of garlic from 1 to 100 acres. The farm has supplied some of the major grocery chains across Canada and the US, but mainly providing garlic seed to individual growers, farmers, and seed houses across North America.As a member of the Garlic Growers Association of Ontario for 27 years he has served in most capacities. He has worked with the University of Guelph and governments to develop disease and virus free garlic seed for the strains of garlic grown in Ontario.Both immigrant grandfathers given names were August as well as being Warren’s middle name. So the farm name is not about being austere, or about a time of year, but refers to new starts in life.Warren is one of the original founders of the Stratford Garlic Festival. The need to shed light on the garlic industry was critical as the number of acres of garlic being grown in Ontario had dropped by 95% in just 3 short years. Raising awareness on Ontario garlic was an important part of starting the festival.
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