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First off,

We’d like to say that we hope you, your loved ones, and community are remaining healthy and positive. 

Events of enormous gravity and change have been unfolding at a breakneck pace over the last few weeks. This makes it difficult to sift through all of the information, and new protocols coming at us. 

It is touching every country and all peoples, so it is truly “pan” in scope. 

One of our colleagues sent us a link to the website (at bottom) which outlined the top 10 purported current shortages brought on by the pandemic.

Number 3 on the list? Garlic.

We certainly are receiving surprising demand from all sizes of grocery outlets, and off the street for garlic supply. 

The reports are mixed as to how long the shortfall could continue. 

At this time of the year Local and Canadian garlic is scarce, as even in the best storage, often a clove or two from the bulb starts to breakdown. 

What we have done over the past few years with our local garlic is to separate out the good cloves and send them to our retailers so as to extend the local season.  

In addition to cover some retail customers who require year around supply, we import specialty garlic from Argentina.  

This hardneck variety we import is similar to what we grow here.

So, if indeed you are in an area where there is a garlic shortage, we can help get some to you to tide over your immune boosting food needs over until the shortage abates.

Our Objectives:

When making important decisions and/or responses to COVID-19, we will constantly be considering and reassessing:

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