Green Garlic

Green garlic is the tender, young garlic that is harvested before the familiar bulb fully develops underground are called green garlic. Also known as spring garlic, it resembles a scallion, green onion or leek but yields an aromatic, delicate garlic flavour.  It has a strong garlic scent with a mild, fresh, herb-like flavour.  When harvested in mid-May a unique garlic flavour is present along with the highest nutritional and nutraceutical plant properties.

Use it in the place of garlic, green onions or scallions.  Great on a salad.  Most people cook with the white and pale green parts, but you can use the tougher green tops in broths or the like.

Tips for Green Garlic: 

Baked or roasted.

Garlic toast.

On salads (potato, lettuce)

In pesto.

Soups or stocks.

With eggs (omelettes, scrambled eggs, quiche).


Storage: Refrigerate in a plastic bag, or stand upright in water with a plastic bag around it.

Health Benefits:  Green garlic offers many of the same health benefits of garlic including the well known immune-boosting qualities.  It is rich in iron, has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, 150 calories/100g.

Where to Purchase:  You may purchase garlic scapes in season (mid-June to mid-August) on our website and have them shipped to your home.  You may also find our scapes in your local Loblaws, Sobeys, Farm Boy and/or Metro stores.

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