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August’s Harvest sits on 100 acres of farmland just north of Stratford, Ontario and has been growing garlic commercially for more than 30 years; supplying grocery stores, food services, CSA food boxes and clean seeds for gardeners and farmers, as well as garlic feed supplements for race horses and livestock farmers across North America.

You can purchase ten different varieties of garlic bulbs which may also be used for cooking or as garlic seed for planting, be sure to read the details on each variety to select the one that suits your taste buds. The Fresh Ontario Garlic often referred to as Music is the most common variety of garlic used for planting due to its ability to withstand hearty growing conditions although several of the other varieties can also be grown in Ontario.

Black garlic is all the rage right now in the culinary industry.  If you haven’t had the chance to try this caramelized garlic, be sure to add it to your cart.

Several varieties of onions, shallots and a selection of preserves may also be purchased through the website or at select retailers. Scapes, green garlic and other fresh products are available seasonally.



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