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August's Harvest is located in Ontario
Servicing ALL REGIONS in Canada

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Ontario Garlic Cloves

At this later part of the local season, shelf life in your crisper would likely be 3-5 weeks in your crisper.

Some may develop a sprout, which is not of consequence for consumption quality.

A pound of cloves has 45 – 70 cloves depending on bulb size.

Argentine Garlic

Argentina harvests garlic from December to February, and the garlic storability is good this early in their season. 

This hardneck variety bulb with 4-7 larger cloves has the high Brix flavours of our local hardneck varieties and should hold up in your crisper for 8-10 weeks or longer.

Black Garlic Cloves

To meet the growing demand, AHI has been “Maillard-ing” or fermentin our own Black Garlic. 

Many of the new, more short-term fermenting methods can leave a slightly bitter or acrid aftertaste.

We are pleased with the taste profile of the “skin-on Maillard process” we are using now.

Claims for the immune boosting health benefits are increasing steadily as Black Garlic has become more mainstream in North America.

In Europe it is more often sold in health food stores and is considered one of the top nutraceutical foods originating from the countries of Korea, Japan & China.

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